OCTOBER 15, 2013


I took pictures on a cloudy day Sunday afternoon then all day Monday the skies could best be described as

"leaden", that low, heavy gray that hangs there, covering everything, and threatening to rain but never does.

It was like that all night then this morning (Tuesday) they called for about a three-hour window of sunshine

before another rain system moves in, hanging around for a couple of days.  Well, autumn does not wait for

man nor beast nor rain system.  Autumn comes when it wills and goes when it wills and this week, the middle

of October, is the height of it around here.  Three hours, eh? So I betook myself those hours to Boyce Park,

a large park on the eastern edge of Monroeville where I'd taken some autumn pictures a few years back but

not since.  If one is handed three hours of sun in the middle of October, one is foolish not to take advantage

of it. 

This one I took from our front yard, though, on Sunday evening with a rainbow coming down into the Felix Forest.

THIS, howsomever, is during my 3 hours of sun today.  All the ones in Boyce Park I took afoot and not out of the car windows.

I remembered quite well from a few years ago just where in the park I wanted to go to find what I was looking for and the first

of those is this maple.  The maples that are not yellow are doing splendidly.  Alas, about 90% of the maples are yellow and not

doing well at all except a few here and there.

Same maple as in the picture above this one and in the two below.

I park at the base of this field, which is called officially Indian Hill.  One rather expects Julie Andrews to be twirling about up atop it.

But the main area of trees I'd come to see is right across the road from this behind me.

The first one I come to is this sweet gum.  These trees are also on a big hill which one must go up to get to and then, of course, come down.

Same sweet gum

Maples, beautiful, but rapidly losing leaves...so that waiting for several days of rain to go away is out of the question.