JUNE 2, 2013

Also while we were heading north through North Carolina on our way home, we stopped by what I shall call the retreat

center for the people who run MorningStar Ministries, whose conference we attended.  It's an ideal place for people who

are on the go all the time, who fly constantly around the world, speaking here and there, attending/leading meetings,

talking to heads of governments, etc.  They come here for quiet time.  Here is where they rest.  Here is where they write

books.  Here is where they walk quietly with God.

You work your way up a mountain on a series of switchback roads which devolve into a dirt lane, slightly graveled, and you are in the

midst of more apple trees than you'll have ever seen in your life...newly-planted one, middle-sized one, older ones...everywhere.

The lane goes on and on, over hills, around curves, but always apples on both sides as far as you can see.

Then for a while the apples are gone and you are on the lane in a thick forest, then suddenly there is rough pavement and you go around a curve

and the pavement is great and has two yellow lines down its center and you come out of thick trees to where you can see for miles across the hills

of North Carolina

And as you round a curve you can see off across a deep valley...Apple Hill...the center of the retreat. They own all this, both right and left and way

back behind where I'm taking the picture from.  Sections of land are for sale for people who feel inclined to come and live there and build homes.

The lighting was really bad for this.  It says Apple Hill on the stone pillar too.

Note the horses in the valley.