JUNE 24, 2012

Back on June 9, 2009 we were taking a different back road home than we'd ever been on before and came across a ruined old

log cabin buried in vines.  I didn't have my camera with me then, but went back alone another day and took a series of pictures

which are the beginning of my album called FESTOONINGS.  It's not a way I drive and so I hadn't been back there since

but Carl earlier this year stumbled across it again by himself and said they were restoring it.  He took Joey by there this morning

on their Sunday trip to round up wild dough-nuts and took a picture with his phone of a plaque saying what the building

actually was.  So since we were taking Joey to a friend's birthday party in Export not far from there at 1, we went back by it so I

could take more pictures of the way it looks now. 



Carl's picture of the plaque.  I'd had no idea it was a tollhouse and not a log cabin home.



I only saw it from the road as there was too much poison ivy to try to go behind it.  All the vines covering it are, indeed,

poison ivy and the grass was full of it, too.  I thought to myself there was such a sense of being 'left' about it.



I'm trying to get roughly the same angles I shot from for comparison even though now there is a little parking lot behind it and my first

pictures from today are taken from the rear.
















This is, indeed, an outdoor fireplace.  I looked up the chimney.  It's a double one, inside and out.






I had no idea it had a balcony because I hadn't been able to get back there before to see it.






The garden with all its herbs and old-fashioned flowers smelled just wonderful in the warm afternoon air.






(It's between 22 and Old Wm Penn right where Kistler (blue sign) comes down from 22 and makes a sharp curve to the right.)