April 29, 2012

It was a beautiful day at the end of April and Carl, Joey, and I took a drive down to

Ohiopyle to walk along the Youghiogheny. There are other albums on Jo's Other Place

with pictures of most of the places below in different seasons, especially albums 39, 40,

43, and 58. (See INDEX page)




On our way to pick up Joey, just a little over a mile from our house wild trillium were growing alongside the road and Carl

pulled over so I could get out and take these three top pictures.  Everything about trillium is in 3's, the petals and the leaves.





We drove down around Uniontown then took 40 up to the crest of Chestnut Ridge where the century+ old Summit Inn is located.

That's our new blue car at the right end there in the lot.  I wanted to show Joey the view from the porch as well as the porch and

the lobby.




Looking west, a bit hazy, alas.











Looking east toward Laurel Ridge from the parking lot




Coming down the eastern slope of Chestnut Ridge we stopped to show him General Braddock's grave on the small trace

of the Braddock Road that's still left.



Looking west the direction the retreating British were coming from after their ambush by the French and Indians near Pittsburgh

on July 14, 1755. 



General Braddock was in a wagon and died and this is where George Washington had him buried and the army march over his grave,

rolling their wagons over it, too, to hide it from the Indians who would have dug it up and desecrated it. In 1804 Braddock was moved

to where the large monument is in the first of the Braddock pictures, on the far side of the steps leading down to the little road.



Just beyond the grave is the sharp bend of a little creek they would have had to cross.  The big leaves of the skunk cabbages were very green but

because this is a much higher elevation, spring was only just touching the trees.



Then we went a bit further east on 40 and turned north to Ohiopyle. Joey had ridden on a bike trail near here but never walked along

the Youghiogheny.