SEPTEMBER 16-19, 2011


PAGE ONE: SEPTEMBER 16th, the plane, and Orange Lake Resort



I'd gotten the last 4 semi-contiguous seats on our AirTran flight...second to last row, with the girls and me on one side of the aisle

and Carl on the aisle seat just beyond.  Isabella Rose (7) on the left, then Emily Kathrynne (9).



Carl took this with his cell phone from his point of view.  Out my window was a big blue engine, so we could see almost nothing

of the ground.



This is the view we had out our window of the Holiday Inn at the Orange Lake Resorts, where Jeff and Laura (whose treat this whole

trip was) arranged for us to stay. We were on the back on the first floor, which was nice as I got my scooter right away and didn't have

to take it up the elevator to get there.



As it was already afternoon when we got there, we decided to spend the rest of that Friday at the Resort and went around to the side where there

are two huge pools. I parked my scooter (we rented one and it was delivered to the hotel) in the shade and this little fellow came up to see what

the heck it was. The girls were fascinated as they don't see little lizards up here in Pennsylvania like they have all over the place in Florida.



I do love 'swimming pool aqua'. While the three of them played around in the pool, I walked around and took some pictures, later wondering

why I hadn't scooted around. It was beastly hot and they were in the water and I was not.



Beyond the blue cabanas was another pool. I believe it was the only one of the nine pools at the Resort we didn't utilize. You can see

Carl and the girls over there at the right edge of this pool.



Behind the pool was a big lake with a sandy beach. We also did not go down there.



The side of the hotel nearest the pool.




Then, they wrapped in towels and still in their swimsuits, we caught a free Resort shuttle to another section of pools. The Orange Lake Resort is

HUGE and has many sections, so they provide shuttles between the areas. I took this out the rear window of our first shuttle. It was also my first

experience of driving my scooter onto a fork lift/elevator thingie that lifted me and my scooter into the shuttle. On the resort shuttles, they wanted

me to drive in frontwards and then back off, but on the Mears shuttles we took to and from Disney World, they wanted me to back on and then

go off frontwards. It took me a little while to get used to the fact that everyone around would stop whatever they were doing to WATCH me do




This is in the area called River Island where in addition to numerous pools, there is a long, tiled river that flows along with enough current

to keep inner tubes moving.







While Carl and the girls played in this lower, end pool (all 3 pix above), I scooted around and took pictures.





Here we have Belle, Carl, and Emily floating by below where I was parked in the shade, waiting for their passage.



There they go under the bridge's waterfall.



Then we caught another shuttle to Splash Lagoon where the first thing that caught my eye was the way the ferns made a big ball

at the base of the palm tree's fronds.



It was getting cloudy while we were at Splash Lagoon, but didn't rain.



Plumbago grew everywhere we went. I've had some plants of it here in Pittsburgh, but never so abundantly as I saw in Florida.





One of the paths at Splash Lagoon I scooted up. More masses of plumbago.



There were quite a few pools at Splash Lagoon but this was the girls' favorite with its waterslide. They'd been down a much bigger

one at River Island, but they liked this one because you could go down it and then go around and go down it again so quickly. Belle

is in the water and Emily is just at the end of the slide.



Looking up, I liked the sunbeam through the clouds.







Belle out at bit and Emily just splashing down.



This was another, deeper pool, with three waterfalls at one end.



I scooted all around these paths, practicing for Disney scooting the next day. I'd scooted in Walmart before back in 2009, but

wasn't really used to following curving paths and such.




Getting artsy-fartsy with a huge potted plant.