JANUARY 4, 2012



In the living room, which is really nothing more than a large space to walk through to get to the dining room and then the kitchen

and beyond, after Christmas I decided to put time pieces on the little round table.  The watch was Carl's grandfather's as a train

conductor in Brooklyn.  The knights, etc. I didn't put in the castle this year are in that brown trash can under what looks like a

green book but is actually a box. The angled door is to the guest room.



At the other end of the olive love seat is another round table (King Arthur would be so jealous...he only had the one) with

various and sundry musical stuffies on it, better seen in the close-up below. The lupines in the watercolor on the left are from

Maine and below them is a plate of blackberries I got at an antique store near where we used to live. The ship is from a

thrift store out this way. The castle is just to the left of the chair on the far left with the tannish cushion. The piece of fence

post in front of the ship has a bullet fired at Chancellorsville during the Civil War...a musket ball. That's a starfish at the base of

the tree thing.



The various and sundry musical thingies.  Some years ago I had a cat named Belle who liked to sit beside the chimes

and make them ring.



I used to have a metal box on this itsy table but in storing it away for Christmas in order to put the big Noah's ark advent boat

in its place, I seem to have hidden it from myself and so until it is found and possibly even after, the French candle and Maximus'

left boot occupy the space.



Ah, these...well, these are my new cookie jar and two cups.  I happen to like kitchenware shaped like animals and edibles. 



This is my St. Francis in the poppies.  I put the cardinals out for Christmas with some other Christmas things here and decided to leave them

as everyone knows St. Francis must have birds.



This is the far end of the family room beyond the kitchen.  I require more space for bookcases than ordinary wall usage provides so this

double recliner has been angled outwardly with several mismatched bookcases lurking behind it. The dark set on the second shelf of the

tallest case is my Great grandfather Leander A. Dale's set of Shakespeare.  For those of you who have been so profoundly enlightened

as to read my Civil War book, All That's Left of Me, Leander was Jonathon's son-in-law, married to his daughter, Georgia. For those of

you not so profoundly enlightened, he is still Jonathon's son-in-law.



Close-up of what lies right behind where I sit to read or watch TV. Just beyond this wall lies my laundry room and when the washer is spinning,

everything on this shelf wiggles and woggles and goes for a little walk, though only occasionally does something actually fall off. The few pieces of

dollhouse furniture are from the white and blue dollhouse I built back in, oh, 1987, and which did not make the move in 2008 out to where we live




There is usually a square plaque with a ship on this itsy table in the family room but I put this plate out for Christmas and decided

to leave it there.



When you come in the front door you are facing King Richard's shield...very large...very heavy metal.  I figger it provides a warm

welcome...heh heh.



Just to the right of the front door is another bookcase (there are two to the left but they were not fortunate enough to be photographed today).

This is tall, but you, of course, cannot tell that because I only show the top of it here.



The inside of the front door now has my earliest springy-like wreath, as spring DOES start Christmas Day evening even though no one

ever tells the weather about that.  The velvet hearts in honor of Valentine's hang down a lot further than shows.



On the dining room table right now I have a statue that Carl bought for me actually on Christmas Eve. We had just gotten a new car and so

were only giving each other one thing for Christmas and he'd gotten me a new camera but on his way home stopped by the Family Book

Store in Monroeville, looking for something else for me, too.  He liked this statue because Joseph's arm made him think of himself and how

he protects me.  I like that he liked that.



To the right of my unphotographed today china cabinet hang my hand-painted wisteria plates. Most of my plates have roses on them,

but these two are, well, not roses. Below we will deal with the knick knack shelf you see just to the right in this wisteria picture.



This is a very feeble, woggly shelf but, nonetheless, gets loaded with all sorts of small things. I like small things. Well, lots of small things.

The pewter in the middle are mostly from wedding receptions at the castle where we do lots of weddings.  Folks there tend to have

castle-themed place card holders.



Second shelf has more things from the defunct doll house.  Even the tree stump was in the doll house yard. The woman I've had since

my grandmother (Jonathon's granddaughter, for the enlightened) bought it for me when I was a girl. She's been broken in half at the

waist but doesn't seem overly upset. What IS upsetting her is the kitten on her tea table, which is actually a box (the table not the cat).

The two white chairs are also boxes. Needless to say, yet I do seem to be saying it, I do not dust these shelves all that often.



Third shelf has more little furniture.  I like little furniture. I like little food, too. The cat likes little food as well. The harp is a Christmas

ornament which I sat there rather than hang it on the tree.  Those are teensy chocolate chip cookies the cat is looking at.



Bottom shelf with the 3 ballerinas in the grass. The peacock is looking at tiny acorns, not at the piece of cake behind it near the

lemonade. The plate Marti gave me when we moved here in '08.



No one would believe the amount of things I did NOT bring when we moved in 2008, but I decided if I was going to pack it and

unpack it, I was going to have it OUT and not stored away.  I mean, what possible GOOD does an Easter egg covered with pink

roses made of satin DO if it is in a box somewhere and one is almost 69 and may never get around ever to looking at it again?

The plate on the wall above the eggs is the very first of my hand-painted plates and is the one that got me started. I got it at a

thrift store for $3.98. Yes, the bunny lives there year 'round looking at the eggs. Why not?



Just inside the doorway to my room is another of the ubiquitous little round green tables with glass tops. There is actually a third rose in

that tall glass thingie. It was a centerpiece from one of our weddings and I took out what was in it and put in roses. The big rose at the

foot of the reclining damsel is a teapot.



Yes...stuff.  I require much for my eyeballs to look at lest they get bored.  This is just inside my computer room and everything here means

something, though I shall refrain from discussing just what they all mean. The photograph in the brown frame is of Carl and me on TV in

Charlotte in 1995. It means quite a lot.



Atop my many clear drawers of crafting supplies is this mish mash of animal life. The blue word says Giggle. So all the critters are

happy fellers, especially the ducklings.



I have two computers in my big computer room and as this is where I do my writing for Libriscrowe, my, um, muse is all over the place. This

is the newer, larger computer (23 " screen) and when they asked me as part of registration to name it, I named it Robin. Why not? The other

computer is named Jo's Maximum Computer.



This is the other computer, to the left of Robin and is where I am sitting at this very exact moment. That's Jonathon's syrup pitcher

(again for the enlightened) and it is reposing in May '11 on the Old Waterloo Bridge 11 miles west of Warrenton VA because Jonathon

camped there in May of 1862. To the left of the computer is the main picture I used to illustrate Jonathon and above that is the main

one for his younger brother Billy. The flowers are in a gynormous bin of flowers I use now and then for this and that. Behind the

phone on the right is a rain stick that makes the most realistic rain sounds I've ever heard a rain stick make.



And just to my left as I sit here is, of course, your typical bowl of twigs. Each of them is numbered and, like my larger bowl of rocks, and the

evergreen with the pinecones, recorded in an index by date, place, and reason why I even ever THOUGHT of bringing home a twig.

Atop the pink-flowered light is a re-enactment Confederate kepi. The birds sit on the twigs because it rather looks like a nest, or so I think.

The sheep is cute.  That's enough. The picture above the birdies is of the farm in SC where I spent all my teen years with a small insert in

black and white of the same scene taken in me. We owned this whole valley and this view was from the spot where I as a kid

always sorta thought some day I'd build a house.  Now I'm done.  This is all I took today, besides the castle on the table.