March 22, 2012

I had an appointment this morning so afterwards instead of driving straight home, I went for a long

drive by myself.  There's nothing like the thought of upcoming months in a wheelchair to make one

want to get out while one can.  And late March here in Pennsylvania this year is in full imitation of

May.  I have never seen flowers this far along this early in the year.  I know in the south they are

well used to color by now, but we are always still clutched in the midst of brown and grey, so this is

special to see and a real treat for me as I'd thought I'd miss getting out by myself to look at them

in their usual time.



This is the top of the little plum in our front yard.  All the pictures on this page were taken today except for this one and the one

below, which I took just as I was leaving for my ultra sound treatment on the 20th.



This is a close-up of the same plum.



I was just getting in my car to leave the office after my appt. when this tree caught my eye, so I got back out to take a picture of

the top of it against the sky, which was utterly blue today. This is a large tree and I love how in the spring the early greens look

so lace-like.



I headed up a road I'd never been on before for the mere fact I hadn't been on it before.  I had no map, no GPS, just time and a will to

wander.  I saw quite a few pink magnolias in full bloom but none in a place where I good get off the road to get a picture of them, but

I did get a number of other blooming trees.



We have a ton of Bradford pears in the area and they have come into full bloom this week.



This is the top of a pear against the blue...



A darker pink magnolia, not as in full bloom as the lighter pinks and not as big, but this is the exact kind I had back at our old house.



I have kind of an inner compass so that I usually know what direction I'm heading in and even though I kept going on roads I'd never been

on before, I had in mind eventually going by that acre of forsythia I'd spotted two days ago.  The edge of them is up on a bank above the

road and I had to park and walk down the road to a place where I could get up on the bank, then when I was back down next to them,

you couldn't really see through them to the ones beyond, but they go back and back through the woods here.




You can see in a little more here...




Then I took more roads just because I liked their name or because I could see a farm down them or a tree I liked and I ended up at a

reservoir where I parked and watched the Canada geese for a while.







About eleven miles past that I came out in Saltsburg and so parked along this path that runs along the Conemaugh River (of Johnstown

flood fame, but further upstream). Carl and I have walked here in the autumn and in the summer, but never in the spring. I was

determined to walk a little while I can.



Lots of pretty little groundcover around



I've always liked the angle of this maple in relation to the bench and the river and the boatramp.  I sat here for a little while then

went down to the end of the ramp...



...and this was the look of the water at the end of that.



I like to look up because more often than not there's something interesting up there. These were waaaay high.

I used a 21x zoom on them.



And the flag through a bare tree had an interesting look




A little garden on the edge of Saltsburg



You simply DO NOT see azaleas in bloom here in March...but...




I love sycamore branches against a blue sky



Back to my house, these are blooming near my front walk



This is my other little plum I planted.  It's on a different schedule than the first one.  That's the Felix Forest behind it.



A little pulmonaria I brought from the old house



What beats a yellow flower in a sunny kitchen window?



Current arrangement on my kitchen window. The miniature rose on the right has sent a flower down to investigate the

big diamond.