Fiction by Wildbearies : ...formerly on her website,



NOTE to reader: these stories contain mature sexual content

and are not for readers under 18:


1. Wolf's Bane (a simply marvelous, long story about Maximus after the end of Gladiator)    

2. The Warrior (Maximus, but of course!)

3. Sunburst (Cort severely wounded, then in love)

4. The Gift (Biebe, bears, caves, batteries, and love)

5. Swept Away Bayou (Real Russell, the story that started Enchantments)

6. The Acrobat (A stand-alone prequel to Swept Away Bayou)

7. Lionheart (Making a King Richard movie, sequel to Swept Away Bayou)

8. The Highwayman (A wildbearies vision of a famous poem)

9. Rose (A Real Russell, with lots of horses, motorcycles, danger, and love)

10.Roses In The Wind  (A 6-chapter beginning sequel to Rose)

11.White Knight (Terry, Hando...sequel to Dark Knight)

12.Convergence (Real Russell set during the filming of A Beautiful Mind)

13.Red Knight (Terry, hostage...danger and love)

14.Dark Knight (Hando...or Devon? Prequel to White Knight)

15.The Plumber (Our sweet Jeff)

16.Confidential (Stand-alone chapter of Swept Away Bayou during the time Russ was

    filming LA Confidential)

17.Echoes (Young Russell, just starting out)

18.Protective Custody (A woman from the FBI tries to protect Russ after M&C)

19.The Brat (Russ is injured on the last day of filming Master & Commander)

20.Love, the Brat (Index for both Brat stories) (Australian Christmas)

21.Change of Scene (a nurse on the set of Gladiator leads Russell into an alternate future)

22.Rewind (a movie set in Africa with an ex-wife)

23.Dreamtime (Russell dreams of filming Gladiator, a one-chapter story)

24.Jen's Valentine (An alternate future for Russ set during A Beautiful Mind)

25.And If I Tell You... (Sequel to Jen's Valentine)

(NOTE: 26 and 27 are two stories she only got the first 4 chapters done on, but I'm putting them up

in hopes she will finish them some day and because they are really good stories even with just what

she got done on them)

26.Lucky (Aubrey washes ashore on a very strange island)

27.Mexicali (set during the time of the filming of Master and Commander)

28.Truth (a romance novelist falls in love with Russ after the Austin concerts)