AUGUST 14, 2014

On Thursday the 14th I went into Oakland, PA with Laura, Melanie, Joey, & Isabella to go through the Carnegie Museum.

A big part of it has been around since 1896, founded by Andrew Carnegie, and it has just about everything in it.

We started in the gemstones and I took shots of 3 of my favorite items there.


This looks like little fuzzy thingies in a bowl.

Then we moved on to dinosaurs...


I like how it looks like dinosaurs are interacting...and how the lower parts of the columns look like trees.


                                                                                                          Joey down there...

Then on to the Hall of Mammals which looks just like it did when I first started coming here in 1974.

Whale teeth...                                                                             ...yellow swallowtail on trillium

I actually like almost best the way the museum itself looks

Glass reflects terribly but this is a funerary boat from the time of Senwosret III, whom I figure is the pharaoh during Joseph's time in Egypt.

The Hall of Architecture has the largest collection of plaster casts of famous things in the western hemisphere. It was amassed around

1907 in the time before the 1920's when such things stopped being done.  Though they are casts, Andrew Carnegie said, "The few who

travel much fail to remember that the masses of people travel but little." and he wanted the everyday bloke to be able to see what

things looked like and get a correct view of the size of them.

Though this is Joey by a small replica of the Parthenon.

I liked this tomb of a Duke of Brittany because in my recent ancestral searches I've come up with some very similar ones for ancestors.

A section with dollhouse rooms behind glass...

I've always liked the paintings in this area....                        ....interesting chairs

Looking out a window toward the Cathedral of Learning (part of U of Pitt campus).....and stained glass

My last view...of extinct passenger pigeons