It was Sunday, January 25, 2014 and the garbage cans out the laundry room door looked like this: entertain myself I went around the house with my camera and, lucky you, are here.  Stop and think a moment about why you

are here and if you find an ounce of sanity lurking about anywhere between your ears, turn back! This is all waaaay too much to bear.

I'm not even posting a link at the top of Jo's Other Place like I do with new albums, but only at the very bottom.  It's my little way of

protecting the innocent.

This is what started it...a single plate.  I got this at a thrift store one day some years ago for $3.99.  It's a hand-painted, antique

German plate that whoever was pricing things had no idea of its worth. At the time, I knew it was special but I had to investigate

to discover what it could actually sell for.  At the time I was still an active gardener but in the last 5 years have not been able

really to garden much at all and, so, as one who adores flowers, I've turned to 'indoor gardening', surrounding myself with

flowers of a different kind.  We moved out here where we live now  in the first week of March 2008.  A lot of what I had there

was packed away and I decided that since I was in my mid-60's at the time, I didn't want things packed away any more.  If I

wasn't going to get rid of it, and I did get rid of vast amounts, I wanted it OUT...out where I could see it, otherwise there was

no real point in having it. I am a very VERY visual person and even though I've now lived here 6 years, I don't walk through

a room and not be totally aware of all that's in it.  I simply constantly...notice.  I have a very busy mind and my ocular orbs

like...a constantly be fed with visual images.  So...gird your loins if you're brave enough to proceed because this can

be somewhat, ah, overwhelming.  It suits me, though, and that, in the end, is what matters. 



This is where that plate lives, on the wall in my very large bedroom.  My bedroom rather resembles a, well, a shop, more

exactly a shoppe, heh heh, and I kinda like the effect.  Everything is out...everything...except seasonal items like Christmas,

etc.  Our old house was dark wood with brown carpets and upstairs everything was blue.  I'd developed a yearning for

white and green and pink, but there was simply no way to incorporate those into a brown and blue house. Here, with the

light-colored walls and green carpets, the stage was already set.  I am a thrift store prowler, and much of what I have out

comes very cheaply from various and sundry of those.  The two Easter eggs are made with ribbon roses and both open.



This is a wider view of the chest of drawers on that side.  My daughter gave me the large angel painting when we first moved in here.

All the heart-shaped trinket boxes, except for 3 on the right-hand end, are from thrift stores at about 69 cents a pop. Even the big

wooden jewelry box is thrift store. 



These 3 heart boxes are the only ones not from thrift stores. 



The doll's name, which was already hers and not given by me, is Dainty Bess.



I've had the two lambs for 50 years.  The rather surprising presence of the old tennis ball back there is because back in 1978 when

Carl and I were first getting to know one another, he and I were on a walk and I found the ball and picked it up and carried it with

me for the rest of the walk.  It has the date on it.


Everything but the candles here is thrift store, well, them and the little picture of my granddaddy and me. 



An antique but still thrift store dish with rose petals.



Atop the wooden jewelry box.  My daughter also gave me the angel when we moved in.  I already had the two angel plates and the

big painting she gave me matches the top plate.



That's the edge of my brass bed just to the left.  I decided, what the heck, why not hang greenery on some of the pictures.  My daughter

gave me this one, too.  It brings out the green, white, and pink better. 



And this is a painting on the other side of my bed I already had and is painted by the same artist.



Garland on the curtains over the head of my bed.



Above the closet door...



End table on that same side of the bed...




Taller chest of drawers and what hangs on the left side of them...Also my daughter gave me the Noah poster for my 71st birthday

and I had absolutely nowhere big enough left to put it, so there it is on my bathroom door, under two of Maximus. 




Top of that dresser...Yes, I like the Willow Tree figurines and, no, I've never actually worn any of those hats.  I just like how they look.



This One Day At A Time is the first thing I bought after I was able to go out a 2009.  My grandson Joey

was pushing me around a Pat Catan's craft store.  I thought the words were appropriate while my bones were knitting.



My bedroom light switch...



I have a very long, walk-in closet and this is the far end of it where my hats and some wreaths hang.



It's shabby chic even in there!



And this is a large painting that hangs, yeah, in that closet.  I got it at a thrift store because it's an exact duplicate of the painting

that once hung in my Grandmother Charles' house in Spartanburg SC over the TV set in her living room and I remember so well

looking at it as a child.  I had no place to put it, so I hung it in the closet.