It came on Friday, February 3, 2012 and on Saturday I took these pictures.

This is Carl in our living room wearing it and holding my arrow that was fired during the filming of Robin Hood and the boot

Maximus wore in the Germania battle in the opening of Gladiator.

So when I discovered it had masking tape around the inside I was puzzled until I sorted out that this is an unlined

Michael Kors nylon jacket and Russell is famous for never being warm enough. So what someone has done is take

a thick fleece shirt, cut the sleeves off but leave the body of the shirt intact so there are still two layers of fleece and

has taped it inside to keep his back warm.  Even if I didn't have a certificate of authenticity from the prop department,

there would be no doubt this was Russell's jacket and I got a real charge out of seeing what had been done to it.

One end of the tape was loose and I flipped up the corner of the shirt to show how it's fastened in.

This is high on the right sleeve and the nylon has been melted there by heat. As he wore this when he was setting fire to the meth

house, one wonders just how close he got to the flames.