As I doubt many are familiar with this 1979 made-for-TV movie, I'll tell the story of it along with the pictures.

I had taped it off onto a VHS years ago and recently found I could order it off Amazon from a company

that makes DVDs only upon order. It's a time-travel romance with Lindsay Wagner, Marc Singer, Alan Feinstein,

and Linda Gray.

Jennie and Michael Logan have just bought an old Victorian house an hour out of New York City.  Michael is trying to make Jennie happy

because their marriage is in trouble since she caught him cheating with another woman.  Jennie loves the old Victorian and sets about to

restore it.  In the attic she finds something covered with a sheet.

It turns out to be an old dress with a tear in the sleeve, which she mends, then tries the dress on, putting her hair up.

She wants to show it to Michael, but he's busy watching sports on TV she goes back up to the attic, where a sudden sharp pain in her neck and dizzy spell hit her.

She finds herself still in the attic, but everything is changed  back to the way it was in 1899.

After another brief attack, she is back in 1979.  On another day a friend and her husband come to see the new house and while Jennie

goes back to get her hat, the three of them go on into the little town.

Jennie is hurrying along the modern road when the pain comes again and she finds herself on the same road, only now it is dirt and lined with

trees.  She walks happily down it until a man in a wagon sees her and begins to shout, "Pamela! Pamela!" and drive furiously toward her.

She runs and falls down with another attack, finding herself back in 1979 again.

She is, however, intrigued by all this and puts the dress on every day.  Here she comes down the 1979 steps, has an attack, and finds herself

in the same spot in 1899.

She walks along, coming to a lake, where she sees the man from the wagon sitting in a rowboat with his dog.

She tries hiding behind the shrubs, but the dog spots her and starts to bark. The man stands up and starts calling, "Pamela! Pamela!"

again then rows toward her.  She runs away and is almost run down by a car as she returns abruptly to 1979.

In the little town she goes into a museum and finds a picture that looks very much like her in that dress.  Even the woman who runs the

museum comments on the similarity.  Jennie asks some questions about who used to live in her house, and the woman tells her about

David Reynolds, an artist, who was killed in a duel the night of the Turn of the Century Ball.

At home she puts on the dress again and comes down the stairs.  All the old woodwork has been painted white and she has started

trying to strip the paint off in another part of the house.  She has an attack and finds herself in her living room as it was in 1899. The

attacks are getting briefer and much easier to handle.

She goes out on the porch and sees David sawing in the yard.

He sees her and calls out, "Pamela!" again and starts toward her.  She says she'll stay if he doesn't frighten her.  He comes more slowly

toward her and realizes she isn't Pamela, who is his dead wife.  He's been thinking she's some sort of ghost.

They go inside together to talk.