Someone sent me this cow on the car thing and, of course, as the cow cannot REALLY be ON the car as a cow could neither get up

there nor stay up there, it got me thinking of things that could be done with the cow.  And so I decided to put her in all of Russell's

movies.  There are 104 Cowbella scenes below this picture.  She is in each of his films and some several times, wherever I was

moved to put her.  For the most part, she enjoyed the adventure, though some positions were more uncomfortable than others.

(Note: Cowbella thinks size is a relative matter)


John sat cross-legged, staring at Cowbella. He'd sold the couch, the chairs, nearly all the furnishings and personal items, but even to

finance their escape to Venezuela, he could not bring himself to sell Cowbella.



Cowbella was somewhat insulted.  Yes, she was a cow.  Yes, she'd been in the crawlspace under Mrs. Leffert's house for some time, but...

still...did Bud have to act like she smelled that bad?



Jack kept staring down at Cowbella.  So that's what had been in his boot.  No wonder his foot hurt so much.



The Colonel gazed slowly around the room.  Cowbella looked innocent but how could she account for the numbers of dead lying about?



Maximus was perturbed.  He needed to speak with someone about the decision he was facing.  Striding in great agitation into the courtyard

outside the imperial tent, his eyes fell on Cowbella.  Like him, she bore the mark of the legions, the SCQR of the Senate and the Cattle of

Rome.  Yes, he could trust her counsel.



Hando and Cowbella regarded each other in perfect silence for a long, long time.  She knew it was a bad idea for him to come to the beach. 

She also knew he would not listen should she tell him to leave.  Skinheads were like that.  Unlike Roman generals they never listened to

the counsel of cows.



As soon as he stepped out the door, Frank knew he was done for.  Not only was Roberts waiting for him, but he'd brought Cowbella along.

Resistance was futile.



Proof of Cow



Robin sighed.  Marion had waded into the mudpit to rescue Cowbella.  He knew he'd have to go in, too, and he'd so recently had his

bath, the first in three years.  Now he'd end up dirty.  He sighed again.



"Fat lot of help YOU are!" Max growled through his clamped, gritty teeth.  Cowbella had merely sat there on the edge of the pool, in

easy distance of his phone, doing nothing.  At least she had the sense not to look him in the eye.



It was obvious to Javert that Cowbella had stolen the loaf of bread, not only stolen it but had it sliced. Would it be the shipyard for her...

or possibly the abattoir?



They might think he was all alone but Cort knew Cowbella had his back. 



Cowbella had not only flipped the stage but now crouched atop it, keeping Ben from getting the strongbox.



Alex was far from dumb.  He knew the best way to get information in Mexico was to ask a local cow.



At the vet's, Andy played 'tickle nose' with Cowbella, unaware he was about to make her sneeze all over him.



The hardest thing for Cowbella when John took her into Mystery was not falling off the rear of the snowmobile.



Cowbella wasn't worried.  She knew Arthur was a vegan virgin.



Cowbella grinned.  Jeff always fell for her little hide and pop out games...always.



It had been an effort and he'd almost been killed 37 times in the doing of it, but at last Jor-El had the Cowdex in his hand.



Sid looked at the jar, wondering.  Just how nano WAS Cowbella?  Her number was greater than his.  He didn't like it, not at all.

At least she was in a jar in the lab.  If only he could keep her there. 



Dejected, Steve sat on the oven door, pouring out his troubles to Cowbella, who, unlike Monica, never left him.



For hours that pleasant afternoon, John Nash and Alicia sat in the shade, watching Cowbella sun herself on the rocks. Finally Alicia

asked, "Is there something there?"  John smiled.  "Cowbella," he whispered, "my Cowbella."



"So," Nick asked, leaning toward Cowbella, "what are the latest polls saying?"



Often Stephen and Cowbella went out in one of the rowboats to study the sealife.  Cowbella was very fond of studying sealife and

Stephen appreciated her interest and companionship.



There was a miniature cow resting atop his report.  Kim wondered what he was supposed to DO with a miniature cow on his report.



Faithful as always, Cowbella remained by Lachlan's side all through the long, cold night.



Cal needed to get out of the building before the brutal killer came after him, but his passage down the hall to the elevator was

completely blocked.



Cowbella kept a close eye on proceedings as Midori tended to Colin's bruises and cuts.  She'd told him not to try to steal the truck, but

like skinheads, he never listened to her counsel.  He would never become a Roman general.  That she knew for sure.



At night Cowbella huddled close to the fire as Ben told tales of brothels he had known.