The Eagle Lakes Series

By Beej


1. Meet the characters


Det. Sgt J.D. Hawkins         Det. Scott Willis

The desk sergeant looked up from his book at the commotion outside the station. The double doors burst open and the noise grew louder as the crowd surged towards him. He was a white-haired, kindly-looking man, but he hated noise. A thirty year veteran, he was spending the last years of his service safely behind the front desk in the station.

"What the blazes is going on?" he asked.

J.D. Hawkins pushed a handcuffed man towards the desk, trying to keep the uniforms away from his prisoner. The sergeant looked from one man to the other, noticing the swelling on JD's cheek and the beginning of a shiner.

The handcuffed man was protesting loudly to the fact that he'd been arrested, all the while trying to keep JD between him and the officers behind them. He looked at the sergeant and whined, "It's a clear case of mistaken identity, officer."

"Oh yeah?" He looked at JD. "Are you okay Jedediah?" He was the only man in the force who could get away with using JD's full name.

JD nodded, wincing slightly as he felt his cheek, hoping nothing was broken.

"So...sir," the sergeant continued, "would you like to tell me your side of the story, and just why you think you shouldn't be here?"

" I said, it's mistaken identity, sergeant."

He turned to JD and raised an eyebrow, "Want to tell me about it, son?"

JD smiled before speaking. "This is, believe it or not, Andrew Jackson. Mr. Jackson was thrown out of Casey's Bar. I just happened to be walking by and caught hold of him to stop him from falling in the road...then he hit me."

Sergeant Hancock looked once again at the prisoner. "Is this true, Mr. Jackson? Did you punch the detective sergeant?"

Jackson looked down at his feet. "Yes," he mumbled.

"Okay, then pray tell why you say it's a case of mistaken identity?"

Jackson sighed before answering, then looked over the desk, defeat in his eyes. "I didn't know he was a policeman when I hit him."

The officers behind him all burst out laughing, momentarily forgetting that one of their own had been attacked, then every last one of them volunteered to escort him to the cells after he was booked in. Hancock tried to keep a straight face as he saw the terror in the other man's eyes.

"Don't worry, lads. I think that the sergeant here can take care of his own prisoner. Luckily he doesn't seem to be hurt too bad, so you can all get back out on the road."

He got the booking forms out and as he took down the details, he looked up at Jackson. "You are one lucky man, do you know that? If you'd done more damage you'd have been on your way to the hospital instead of the cells. It was a bad move when you slugged this man."

JD was trying not to grin, if only for the fact that his face was hurting. He just wanted to get Jackson in the cells and get up to the office to sit down and put some ice on his face.


The lift door opened and JD walked slowly to the drinks machine, getting a cold soda and resting the can against his swelling cheek. He flopped down at his desk and leaned back in the chair, his eyes closed for a second. When he opened them again he found his partner, Scott, staring at him.

"What the fuck happened to you?"

"I was on the way in and some drunk was thrown out of Casey's. I tried to stop him falling in the road and he punched me!"

"Jeez, Jed. Does danger follow you around? Where is he now?"

"In the drunk tank sobering up."

"What's he charged with?"

"Public intoxication and assaulting a police officer," JD smiled.

"That'll teach him," Scott laughed.






Rev. Richard Hawkins...Cholina (Bird) Hawkins

Rev. Hawkins walked back from the church, a smile on his face. He'd just had a call which he knew would please his wife. He walked round the side of the house and down the path to the large greenhouse, where he knew he would find her.

"Hello, Bird," he said, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing the back of her neck.

"Hmmm, that's nice. What's put you in such a good mood, Ric?"

"Oh, nothing too much, my sweet. I had a call when I was in the church."

"Who from?" Bird asked.

"Jed," he replied.

"How is my darling boy?" she asked, smiling broadly.

Ric and Bird had four children and gave them all love and affection, but Ric knew that deep down, their third son, the younger of the twins, was her favourite. How she'd worried when he told them he was going to join the police, but she backed him 100% with his decision, and watched proudly with the rest of the family when he graduated from the academy. Even though he couldn't get home too often, they celebrated each promotion  along with him, and were thrilled when he became a detective. Bird thought he would be safer than he was when in uniform. He didn't tell her some of the things he had seen since he got his gold shield.

"He's just fine, Bird. In fact, he said that he may be home for the holiday."

"But I thought they usually gave the married men the time off."

"It seems they have a new boss, who is single himself, and he's decided that from now on they will work on a rota system. It seems that he and his partner both got the time off. He said they may take some extra days and spend a week here with us."

"You mean we're finally going to meet Scott?"

"Looks that way, darling."


Eliot Hawkins - eldest son       T.J. Hawkins - JD's mirror twin

Eliot looked at the local paper and smiled. His baby brother had made the news again. There was a big picture and nice article about Tomas Jordan, the elder of the twins. As well as owning the Flying and Diving school, TJ was part of the rescue squad. They had recently been called out to help search for a missing girl in the neighbouring county. He'd taken the float plane up and had spotted her on the bank of Wolf Creek, landed the plane, and managed to get her to safety. It was a good article, although Eliot knew that his brother shied away from any praise, as he just felt he was doing his job.

There was a gentle knock on his door and the face he'd been looking at in the paper appeared around the opening door. He grinned as his brother walked in and flopped down on the leather sofa in the office.

"All hail the hero," Eliot grinned as he poured out two cups of coffee.

"Give it a rest, bro," TJ groaned. "Mum hasn't stopped sending special meals over for me since the rescue. Anyone could have found the kid.  It was just lucky I could get a plane landed there. It just made it quicker is all." He smiled up at his older brother as he took the coffee from him.

"Hey, credit where it's due, Tom. You know what mum's like. When we all joined the eagle scouts she gave us a celebration cake, didn't she?"

"Yeah, she's one of a kind, isn't she?" TJ smiled, enjoying the fact that his brother had time to just sit and chat in the middle of his busy day.


 Ayiana (Eternal Blossom) Hawkins

Ayiana was hot and sweaty. She'd just taken a fitness class with the women from the local slimming club. One of her girls usually took the class, but she'd called in sick, and with two others on leave it only left her and her three male workers. She wouldn't put the ladies through a workout with any of them. She knew that they were all great guys, and would never dream of making fun of the ladies - in a small town they knew most of them personally - she just knew that they found it difficult toning down their workout classes for people who really weren't that fit.

Now, as she had a hot shower in her private bathroom attached to her office, she realised that maybe she could have let one of the boys take the class. The women may be overweight, but they put their heart and souls into their classes and Ayiana was really feeling the effects of a great workout. She dressed in fresh clothes and went back into her office. Looking at her desk, she groaned. This was the only part of owning her own business she didn't like...the paperwork. She picked up a large, official-looking envelope and opened it. Reading the paperwork her eyes opened wide...she picked up the phone. "Eliot, it's me. Can I come and see you?  It's urgent."



Matoskali (White Bear) Lightfoot - Nova (Chases Butterfly) Lightfoot

Nova was up to her eyes. She was getting ready for the upcoming craft fair, sorting which pieces she would take to sell, and which she needed to get finished. She was sitting on the floor surrounded by her pieces, empty boxes ready to be packed. She looked up as she heard a truck pull up outside, and a door slamming.

Matoskali flew through the front door, cursing up a storm.

"What's happened?" she asked, making sure he didn't trample on any of her things.

"That bitch of a chainsaw is what happened!"

"Chain gone again?"

"Not this time, sis. The worthless piece of shit blew up on me."

"Oh no!" Are you okay?"

"Yeah, when smoke started coming out of  the motor I flung it away. I'd nearly finished the piece I've been working on too."

Nova stood and walked over to the chair her brother had thrown himself onto and hugged him. "I guess it can't be fixed then," she grinned down at him.

He could never stay angry when he was around her and was soon calming down. "I guess I need to make a shopping trip."

"Can you get a new one from Joe?"

"Nah, he doesn't really carry anything but the basic models. Looks like a trip out to the tool centre."

" to the big city!" Nova laughed. The tool centre was about 25 miles away in the biggest town in the county. The locals always laughed about it being classed as a city. It did have one thing in its favour, it had some interesting stores there and an actual mall on the outskirts.

"You wanna come? I'll buy you an ice cream soda."

"You sure know how to treat a girl," she laughed. "Let me clear up my mess and I'll be right with you."