Even The Bad Times Are Good

By Beej


Chapter 22

Lewis and Jones had just finished their breakfast and were tidying the apartment kitchen.

"I still can't get over Inspector Jensen's home," Lewis said.

"Yes, it was a bit of a shock, wasn't it," Jones replied. "He seems a down to earth man, though, doesn't he?"

"All the family are. It seems like they got their wealth from damned hard graft."

"The honest way," Jones smiled.

"I hope the trial goes well for him, sir. He deserves justice."

"You're right, Lewis. I'm glad we've got all our ducks in a row. I think it's in the bag and I'm hoping that we can come back down for the trial."

Just then there was a knock at the door and Lewis smiled. "It sounds like our tour guides are on time, sir." He went to open the door.

Nate smiled at the two policemen as he walked into the apartment. He explained that they would be picking Kai up from the hospital.

"Nothing wrong I hope, sir."

"No worries, Lewis. Kai has therapy once a week."

The two visitors looked at each other, Lewis feeling more than a bit guilty. Nate noticed and smiled at them, trying to put them at ease. They were soon on their way to collect Kai.


The first stop was Bondi Beach. Jones said that Lewis had told him he'd managed to see it once when he was there undercover and really wanted to go again not having to worry about remembering who he was meant to be. He was relieved when Kai laughed and said that was one of the worst parts of being UC as it was easy to slip up under pressure. He told Lewis he was lucky as he wasn't known at all in Sydney.

They spent a few hours watching the surfers, laughing at some of the antics the tourists got up to both in and out of the water and Kai managed to get them a visit to the lifeguards' operation centre, which they both enjoyed. In the afternoon they were back on the road, checking out all the different beaches and coves south of Bondi. Nate had decided to go more inland on the way back to the city.

All too soon it was time to drop the men back at their apartment, apologising that they would be on their own for a few days as both Nate and Kai had to chow their faces at the office. They had managed to plan a good itinerary for the visitors and promised to spend their last day together.


Kai was watching Gina working on the plans for the outdoor pool. Although she made good use of the CAD program on her laptop, she was also an 'old fashioned' designer and put things on paper as well. She was working on the terrace, in the shade, and was in a little world of her own.

Alice came up and sat on Kai's lap, grinning. "Mum's always like this when she's working on something she really likes. You could pop a balloon behind her and she'd hardly jump."

"Is that right, Little One? How does she look when she's not so keen on what she's working on?"

"You usually have to stay well away from her.  She's liable to throw things."


"Oh, yes, especially pens and pencils."

Kai laughed and kissed Alice on the top of her head, hugging her. They were on a recliner and both settled back to watch Gina. All too soon they were both asleep. Gina sat up and stretched, trying to get the kinks out of her back. She looked over at Kai and Alice and smiled. Her two favourite people on the planet both close and safe. She got up and walked to the kitchen and was soon back, carrying a tray with a jug of ice-cold lemonade and three glasses.

She kissed Kai and watched him open his eyes. He smiled up at her. "I guess I fell asleep for a bit, Luv."

"Watching me work has that effect on people," she laughed, kissing Alice to wake her. "I made some lemonade."

"Ripper!" Kai and Alice said together.

Gina grinned. It was so good to see her daughter fit and happy for the first time in her young life and it was a joy to see Kai relaxed and happy. It was hard to realise that not too long ago he was so badly injured and she hoped he was healing mentally as well as his physical recovery was going.

"So, how are the plans coming along?" Kai asked.

Gina laughed before answering. "You are the best client I've had for ages, Kai. That has to be the first time you've asked. I hate it when you're given a brief and the client hovers over you like a vulture waiting for something to die, picking apart every little thing you do."

Kai laughed. As far as he was concerned, Gina could do what she wanted as he knew it would be fantastic; he'd seen her portfolio.

"I'm incorporating a lot of the stuff you've sketched out, Kai. If you ever get tired of being a policeman, you would do really well as a graphic designer. Are you sure you've not taken classes?"

Pops walked out to the terrace with an empty glass on the trail of the lemonade. He sat next to Gina and gave her a hug. "We told you Kai is special, didn't we. He's always been able to do anything he puts his mind to. If he hadn't met you I think he would have eventually got his act together and put pen to paper and then get a firm in to do the heavy work. I have to say that I'm pleased you are working on it instead...much better to look at, my dear."

"Gee, thanks, Pops."

"What, Kai, you want me to tell you that you are pretty as well?"

"Don't think so, Pops, but thanks anyway."

Everyone started laughing and Gina decided it was time to pack up for the day. She thought it would be more fun to just enjoy the good weather relaxing with her new adopted 'family'.

Annie came out with her grandmother. "Who's up for a shopping spree?"

Alice jumped up and down shouting, "Me, please," while the others grinned at her.

"I'll come along too, if I may," Pops added.

"Okie dokie, get yourselves ready and I'll go get the car."

Kai and Gina were soon left by themselves, listening to the silence cover the grounds like a soft blanket. They smiled at each other and sat together holding hands.

Kai turned towards Gina and kissed her gently. "Do you know something, George? I think I'm seriously in like with you."

Gina kissed him back and replied, "I think I'm seriously in like with you as well, Kai."

She got up and held her hands out for him to pull him up. They went into the house and Gina got her bag. "Come on," she said.

She led Kai to her car and opened the door for him. "Where are we going, Luv? We could have gone with the others."

"I didn't want to go shopping, I thought we could go for a drive."

"Sounds like a plan," Kai answered.

They ended up in Manly and walked along the seafront until Kai started to feel tired then got back to the car and headed home. On the drive back, Kai's phone rang. It was Pops telling them that they would be home later as he was treating 'his girls' to dinner while they were in the city. Gina smiled as she drove over the bridge. She stopped the car a few minutes later and told Kai to wait there. She dashed into a chicken shop and came back with a bucket of fried chicken and chips.

"We can eat in style as well," she said, winking at Kai as she gave him the bucket to hold.


"My compliments to the chef," Kai said as he finished his meal.

"Yes, whoever he is he did a fine job," Gina replied.

"What you want to do now?" Kai asked.

Gina came over to him and sat on his lap. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him. Then she stood up and took his hand, leading him up the stairs to his wing of the property.

They were soon in his bedroom and she started to slowly undress him. It wasn't long before they were both naked. She silently pulled back the doona and told Kai to get into bed. They kissed again and caressed. Their kisses grew more urgent and Gina was ready to give herself to Kai. Just as she thought they were both ready, Kai sat up and put his face in his hands, sobbing.

Gina sat up and put her arm around his shoulders, "What is it, Kai?"

"I'm so sorry...I just...I can't."

"Oh, baby. It's okay, I understand. How about we just lay down together for now."

Kai turned to her and kissed her. "You are too good for me, George. Anyone else would have shot through by now."

"Anyone else isn't madly in like with you as I am," she replied.

"Madly in like?"

"Totally and utterly."

"That sounds nice," he said, managing a smile as they cuddled up together in his bed.


"We're home!" Pops called as the group came in through the front door. The house was quiet.

"I wonder if they're in our place?" Alice said.

"Well, they aren't watching the TV," Annie said, coming back from the lounge room. "Let's dump our stuff and then I'll nip round and see.

As they walked towards the kitchen they  heard a noise from the indoor pool. They went in and found Kai and Gina racing up and down as if they were in training for the Olympics. Annie picked up one of the floats Kai had bought to help Alice learn to swim, waiting until they both swam towards the shallow end of the pool, then she threw it at her brother.

Kai spluttered as the float hit the top of his head. He wasn't hurt, just surprised. He stood and looked up at the smiling faces. "When did you get back?"

"Just now, son," Pops replied, holding out his hand to help Kai out of the water. "It looks like you two didn't miss us."

"We went for a drive," Gina said, climbing up the steps from the pool. "Couldn't let you lot have all the fun."

"You could have come with us," Annie said, handing Kai a big, fluffy towel.

"We didn't want to go shopping, sis, thanks all the same. We went to Manly and had a walk on the beach then we had a gourmet meal."

"Snap", Gran said. "We did too."

Alice came out of the kitchen with the empty chicken bucket and everyone laughed at the 'gourmet' meal Kai was talking about.


Nate pulled up outside the security entrance at the airport and got out of the car. He walked round to the boot and opened it up, grabbing the cases out. Jones and Lewis joined him while Kai snagged a trolley.

They walked slowly round to the international departure entrance and the two officers checked in their bags. They had plenty of time so they had a wander around the different food outlets until one caught their eye. After a quick meal they made their way towards the security check, thinking that Nate and Kai would say their goodbyes at the gate, but they showed their badges and walked through.

Lewis quickly spotted their gate number and the four men strolled slowly through the concourse, stopping at the duty free shops along the way. Nate and Kai chatted to the on-duty police officers as they passed.

All too soon the flight was called and the men said their farewells before boarding.

"We've had a great time, Sup..."


"Sorry...Nate, Kai. Many thanks for sorting out our sight seeing," Inspector Jones said.

Lewis clasped Kai's hand, "It's so good seeing you look so well, Kai. I can't believe you had it in your heart to forgive me."

"It is what it is, mate. If you hadn't taken the shot I'd have been dead and gone by now. I'm just glad you got the bastards."

The final call went out for the Hong Kong flight and the two police officers walked to the the plane, looking over their shoulders and waving as they boarded the plane home.