This is a 1960 bit of fluff that had beautiful people in beautiful settings. It's a Carlo Ponti film starring Sophia Loren

with John Gavin, Maurice Chevalier, and Angela Lansbury. I'd better tell the story with this one, too. John Gavin didn't

make very many films but I always kinda liked him and my favorite of his was 1961's Back Street with Susan Hayward,

but I haven't been able to find it on DVD yet. He's a very interesting man and much more than a pretty face. He's a 5th

generation Angeleno, whose ancestors came over from Spain and settled in California many years ago.  His mother was

an aristocratic Mexican lady and his dream as a child was to be the US Ambassador to Mexico.  He spoke perfect Spanish,

but had no accent when he spoke English.  He majored in Latin American Economic History at Stanford, was Secretary

General of the Organization of American States from 1961-1973, was president of the Screen Actors Guild from 1971-73,

and in 1981 he was made United States ambassador to Mexico.  He was hired by Universal Studios when very young so

there would be an internal competition with Rock Hudson, whom he greatly resembled, just as Robert Taylor was hired

by MGM for the same purpose with Clark Gable.  Anyway, I think a little background on him makes looking at the

screencaps a bit more interesting.

Bored Princess Olympia is on a high balcony using a geranium as target practice

She has been banished to her castle because while she was supposed to still be in mourning for her husband, she was found with a lover. She

decides to go for a ride.

Enter Paul, from Pittsburgh, no less, who is on his way to Vienna on business, trying to make a deal with the emperor regarding aluminum.

Alcoa is never mentioned but, of course, Pittsburgh is Alcoa's headquarters so he would be working for them.

In trying to avoid the sheep, his car runs off the road, frightening Olympia's horse, which throws her.

Olympia is not in the least hurt but she looks up and sees Paul, whom she finds appealing, so she pretends she is unconscious.

Paul goes back to his car to fetch his Red Cross guide

...which says to loosen clothing.  He's unbuttoning as he reads and goes down too far so quickly buttons her back up again.

It also says to keep the victim warm, so he takes off his driving coat and puts it over her.

She pretends to regain consciousness