CHAPTER ONE...During a sandstorm, a new prisoner is put in the cell with Ben.

CHAPTER TWO...Cort gets cleaned up but immediately bloodied again.

CHAPTER THREE...Ben studies the sleeping Cort, many questions rising in his mind.

CHAPTER FOUR...Cort, made ill by beatings, hunger, and sun, deals with a surprise.

CHAPTER FIVE...Cort finds more friends inside but also gets news his time with Ben is limited

CHAPTER SIX...Wade calls Carter's bluff on his treatment of Cort

CHAPTER SEVEN...Cort spends a hard day on the rock pile; Wade comes up with a plan Cort doesn't like

CHAPTER EIGHT...Due to Cort's inaction, Wade talks Cartwright into going along with his plan

CHAPTER NINE...Wade is beaten in his cell; Cort is beaten in the yard. Consequences will arise from both.

CHAPTER TEN...Cort wakes in The Hole

CHAPTER ELEVEN...Carter tries to help Cort in the night before his flogging but is surprised by Cort's words

CHAPTER TWELVE...Cort is flogged in the rain

CHAPTER THIRTEEN...Ben lies in the hospital prison bed, waiting while Cort is tended to in another room

CHAPTER FOURTEEN...Escape undertaken, Cort plans to leave Ben Wade behind

CHAPTER FIFTEEN...Having read Ben Carter's letter, Frank Coughlan tries to reach the fugitives before the

                                                governor does.

CHAPTER SIXTEEN...A band of buffalo hunters makes things a lot worse for Cort


CHAPTER SEVENTEEN...The 4 travelers make it to a small town where trouble finds them


CHAPTER EIGHTEEN...Carter's wound isn't the only new complication Cort faces


CHAPTER NINETEEN...Ben comes into some more information about Cort right before a gang rides into town


CHAPTER TWENTY...While Cort and Wade are out of town, still-healing Ben Carter faces a difficult situation


CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE...As Ben Carter is beaten and arrested, Toby has a strange encounter of his own.


CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO...Ben Wade shares something from Cort's past with Charlie Prince


CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE...Cort comes back to town, trying to find Toby


CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR...Ben Wade ends a stand off in the saloon in a surprising manner


CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE...Ben Carter has an unexpected surprise for Governor Farleigh


CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX...Cort and Ben Wade go to San Diego, each with slightly different plans in mind


CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN...Cort and Ben Wade have a decisive confrontation on the train